The teams

KIBERA BLACK STARS = The locomotive, the role model for the youth

SLUM SOKA = The youth teams, girls and boys, aged 6 to 17

Here are the different players in National Super League


The senior team
A winning team, a role model, the pride of a slum

The senior team
30 players take part of the 2020.21 NSL season From left to right = Kevo (Def), Kama (Def), Daddy (MidF), Osundwa (Str), Mwas (Mdf), Vincent (GK), Rona (Str), Elly (Str), Mayaka (Def), Gatuso (MidF), Diara (Def) Other players: Goal Keepers = Kahn + Opondo + Dan Defenders = Chief + Sili + Marcelo + Awilo Mid Fielders = Ninoh + Austine + Karuri + Jesse + Daniel Strikers = Onduso + (...)