The senior team

A winning team, a role model, the pride of a slum

29 players take part of the 2018.19 NSL season

More details are yet to come about the new team.

From left to right = Niapala (Def), Daddy (Mfd), Oloo (Str), Elvis (Mfd), Kevin (Def), Nico (Mdf), Oshishi (Str), Okach (Def), Tony (Str), Shashu (Def)
Front = Adache (GK)

Back from left to right = Godfrey (Head coach), Jeri (GK trainer), John (TM), Shawn (MF), Philbart (Str), Makina (Str)
Front = Marc (GK), hidden = Mayaka (Def) + Sili (Def) + Saidi (Asst coach) + Seedo (doctor)

Other players:

Goal Keepers = Erico + Vincente
Defenders = Chief + Diara + Victor
Mid Fielders = Gatuso + Mahab + Moise
Strikers = Gaucho + Masaba + Franck

Then, you have our youth teams = the future stars of Kibera

More details in the Slum Soka section...

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