The Slum Soka

The youth teams are composed with more than 150 kids, girls and boys aged 6 to 17.
They don’t do only football but they also take part in various activities outside the field, around education, culture and arts.

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Who are the Slum Soka?

The little brothers and sisters of the best football team in Kibera, the only club playing in National level.

Very focused kids who take the KBS players as role models in a project aiming at empowering reponsible youth.

More and more girls involved in our programmes to improve gender equity.

Youth living with disabilities gradually welcome to fight against discriminations.

A group of 15 active women getting their dignity and their independence back through our projects.

Proud green ambassadors promoting a sustainable development and with many core values such as team spirit, ambition, respect, solidarity, ethnics....



Our youth centre in Kibera (for education and skills training) was officially launched in Kibera on 20th November 2021. (...)

The Slum Soka kids were very busy during the school break. Many activities were organised in our centre of training and (...)

On the 20th of February, our Slum Soka girls won a very nice friendly rugby tournament organised by KRU at RFUEA grounds. (...)

Our Slum Soka girls won their first tournament on the 11th of October, who marked the International Day of The Girl. Our (...)