Actions against COVID-19

Stronger together !

Most of our sport and education activities have been suspended but our actions in Kibera are sill continuing. They have been aiming at supporting the families of our members during this difficult period in a slum.

The great sportive and solidary adventure of the Kibera Black Stars / Slum Soka is still going on despite of the COVID-19 crisis.
We can’t give up!
Solidarity can’t remain confined.

Restricted movements, gatherings in market not allowed, no job... mean very little thing to put in the plates at home.
Time are even harder in a slum, harder for our players, harder for our kids.

In order to fight againt the COVID-19, we have actually been doing some actions to support the families of our members, the players of Kibera Black Stars and the kids of Slum Soka.

At the beginning of the crisis : discreet and well organised distributions of food to our members

Local press talked about us and our actions :

After the new directives of the Kenyan government following a huge and badly planned distribution of food by other well-wishers leading to a big chaos in the D.O office in Kibera on April 11, we had to change our way of proceeding :

- distribution of vouchers for our members to buy food and sanitary items in a local supermarket in Kibera under our supervision (checking what they buy and keeping receipts)

- direct money transfers by Mpesa for them to stay at home and respect social distancing

- production of local masks by 15 disadvantaged mothers of the Kibera Women Group = job, income and dignity They are so proud to be part of this project in making things themselves and helping directly the community. This is really Kibera for Kibera!

The next action this week will focus on our members with disabilities whose suffering is even bigger.

Stronger together !

Published online by Luc LAGOUCHE