The 2018.19 NSL season

3rd year in the second tier - The most difficult season for KBS

The short 2019 NSL season kicked off in December 2018 and ended in June 2019.
After a long period without a win (12 matches!), things improved a bit with some better results then things went down again because of structural problems. The team managed to escape the relegation at the end but many things need to change if we want to stay at this level. Let’s hope for the best!

Kick off of the new season = Sunday 1st September 2019 (away in Thika)

Let’s try to make a lot changes to put our house in order (facilities, Board, technical staff, players, fan base...) and finding more partners then things might get better... All the best guys!

Position of KBS at the end of the league) = number 17 (out of 20)

Club Position P W D L GF GA GD Pts
Kibera Black Stars 17th 38 7 14 17 37 49 -12 35

The full standings

The full 2019 fixtures:

Match 38

KBS - Nairobi City Stars: 1 - 2
Scorer: Kevin
Sunday 9th June at Hope Center Grounds

Last game of the season with no impact = a local derby. We started the game well then our opponents showed us their superiority inside the field and outside (better organised with new management).

Match 37

St Joseph Youth - KBS: 2 - 1
Scorer: Janes
Wednesday 5th June at Afraha stadium (Nakuru)

Despite losing, we are now safe before the last game, what a big relief!

Match 36

KBS - Talanta: 0 - 0
Scorer: -
Saturday 1st June at Hope Center Grounds

No team was able to shake the nets today in a balanced game. Not bad but not so good...

Match 35

Nairobi Stima - KBS: 3 - 0
Scorer: -
Monday 27th May at Karuturi - Local old Trafford (Naivasha)

Heavy loss away against one of the promotion contenders. The tough battle against relegation is still on for KBS with only 3 games remaining in the NSL season.

Match 34

KBS - Administration Police: 1 - 0
Scorer: Janes
Wednesday 22nd May at Hope Center Grounds (Nairobi)

Yes, you did it again, well done guys, so proud of u!
3 very important points taken today in the battle against relegation.

Match 33

Thika United - KBS: 1 - 2
Scorer: Gaucho (x2)
Saturday 18th May at Thika Municipal stadium

It is so good to get 3 well deserved points after many winless weeks. Congratulations guys!!! and a special thanks to Gaga who triumphantly came back after a long injury rest.

Match 32

KBS - Green Commandoes: 0 - 1
Scorer: -
Sunday 12th May at Hope Center Grounds (Nairobi)

Things are going worst and worst for KBS. Kibra community will need to be very strong to avoid relegation this year...

Match 31

KBS - Fortune Sacco: 1 - 4
Scorers: Chief
Monday 3rd May at Camp Toyoyo (Jericho)

We should be careful. After the very heavy loss today (the worst at home in many years!), relegation is a serious threat this year. Interim board and community need to put hands together to try and get the team in safer position . All the best. Up KBS!

Match 30

Kenya Police - KBS: 2 - 2
Scorers: Kevin, Ouma
Wednesday 1st May at Karuturi - Local old Trafford (Naivasha)

Another frustrating draw. One away point is always welcome but now, its the 10th game in a row without a win and still number 16 on the standings with bottom teams closing the gap...

Match 29

KBS - Modern Coast: 1 - 1
Scorer: Francis
Saturday 27th April at Hope Center Grounds (Nairobi)

So sad to lose 2 precious points after conceding a very late goal (injury time). We don’t lose, ok, but It’s now 9 games in a row without a win. We are 16th on the standings and only 5 points from the relegation zone...

Match 28

Coast Stima - KBS: 1 - 1
Scorers: Francis
Sunday 21st April at Mbaraki Sports club (Mombasa)

Another good away point taken but it’s now 8 winless games in a row...

Match 27

KBS - Kisumu: 1 - 1
Scorer: Makina
Wednesday 17th April at Hope Center Grounds (Nairobi)

One good point taken against the leader. But we still need points. KBS is only 4 points from the relegation zone.

Match 26

Bidco United - KBS: 1 - 1
Scorer: Makina
Sunday 14th April at Thika Municipal stadium

Very entertaining game today in Thika with many chances from both sides.

Match 25

KBS - Eldoret Youth: 0 - 1
Scorer: -
Sunday 7th April at Hope Center Grounds (Nairobi)

What a pity to lose at home today against opponents who were not better than us. Too many clear chances missed once again. Sorry guys but we need points!

Match 24

Shabana - KBS: 1 - 1
Scorers: Philbert (89’)
Wednesday 3rd April at Gusii Stadium (Kisii)

A good away point taken in Kisii today against the famous Shabana. Well done guys!

Match 23

KBS - Wazito: 0 - 1
Scorer: -
Wednesday 27th March at Camp Toyoyo

KBS was not able to prevent the leader from getting 3 points. Only 1 goal made the difference. No worry, keep it up!
We regret the bad actions of a small number of our fans who were not happy with the officiating.

Match 22

KBS - Ushuru: 2 - 2
Scorers: Daddy (35’), Philbert (82’)
Saturday 23rd March at Camp Toyoyo

A very good point taken against the leader Ushuru.
So happy to see the Kibra fans cheering with the team again. Well done all of u guys!

Match 21

Migori Youth - KBS: 0 - 1
Scorer: -
Sunday 17th March at Sony Sugar Stadium (Awendo)

We were not able to score one goal. We lost sadely far away in the west.

Match 20

KBS - Kangemi All Stars: 3 - 1
Scorers: Tony (14’, 35), Masaba (43’)
Wednesday 13th March at Camp Toyoyo live on Bamba TV

5th win of the season and 1st victory at “home” in the local derby. Super!


Match 19

Nairobi City Stars - KBS: 1 - 3
Buteurs: Tony (35’, 58), Masaba (63’), Moise
Friday 8th March at Camp Toyoyo live on Bamba TV

We finish the first leg on a very good note with our 4th win of the season. Very good!

Match 18

KBS - St Joseph: 1 - 1
Scorer: Masaba (31’)
Sunday 3rd March at Camp Toyoyo

The team is going better these days but we are inconsistent. Then, we still cannot get a win at home. A lot of work ahead. Keep it up guys!

Match 17

Talanta - KBS: 0 - 3
Scorers: Tony (35’), Masaba (55’), Moise (77’)
Wednesday 27th February at Camp Toyoyo live on Bamba TV

A wonderful win for KBS today. Very proud of u guys!

Match 16

KBS - Nairobi Stima: 1 - 2
Scorer: Masaba (35’)
Friday 22th February at Camp Toyoyo

Our guys fought well against one of the top 3 teams but it was not enough to get points...

Match 15

Administration Police - KBS: 1 - 2
Scorer: Masaba (35’, 72’)
Monday 18th February at Camp Toyoyo

You said you would do it and you did it, well done guys!

Match 14

KBS - Thika United: 0 - 2
Scorer: -
Friday 13th February at Camp Toyoyo

We fell down again with the same type of mistakes.... Grrrhhh!!!

Match 13

Green Commandoes - KBS: 0 - 1
Scorer: Masaba (55’)
Wednesday 8th February at Bukhungu Stadium (Kakamega)

Our first win this season is highly welcome. At last!!!

Match 12

Fortune Sacco - KBS: 2 - 1
Scorer: Chief Miguna (55’)
Monday 4th February at Thika subcounty stadium

Our players tried their best but it was not easy in the middle of the crisis in Kibera.

Match 11

KBS - Kenya Police: 3 - 3
Scorers: Tony (13’’), Masaba (22’, 29’)
Wednesday 30th January at Camp Toyoyo live on Bamba TV

It’s a pity that we were not able to protect our lead after leadin 3-1. But the hstile fans didn’t help the team.

Match 10

Modern Coast - KBS: 1 - 1
Scorer: Kevin (39’)
Friday 25th January at Serani Sport ground (Mombasa)

Not a bad result far away on the coast considering that the team had to travel at night due to the lack of funds...

Match 9

KBS - Coast Stima: 1 - 2
Scorers: Masaba (32’)
Monday 21th January at Camp Toyoyo

We are still not good enough to collect the 3 points...

Match 8

Kisumu All Stars - KBS: 1 - 0
Wednesday 16th January at Moi Stadium (Kisumu)

No goal = no win ......... No money = no easy

Match 7

KBS - Bidco Utd: 0 - 0
Friday 11th January at Camp Toyoyo live on Bamba TV

We don’t lose so it’s not bad but it’s not good cos we don’t win. We managed to get only 3 points (3 draws) in 7 games in NSL 2018/19 season.
If you want to win, you have to score more goals than your opponents. And we have not yet been able to do so. Lack of efficiency in front of the posts remains our biggest problem. Other big issues outside the field bring us down too...

Match 6

Eldoret Youth - KBS: 1 - 1
Scorer: Tony (75’)
Saturday 5th January at Eldoret Show grounds

First point of 2019 taken today away in Eldoret. Not bad guys, especially that we conceded an amazing penalty in injury time. Well, we are still targeting the first win of the season... Keep it up!

Match 5

KBS - Shabana: 0 - 2
Sunday 23rd at Camp Toyoyo live on Bamba TV

Ushuru go top while KBS go more down...
Many things are still wrong in our dear team. We have to remain optimistic, no cause of big alarm cos the league has just started and some things are encouraging but the facts talk a lot here = number 19 in the standings, no win yet, only 1 point taken in 5 matches, not a single goal scored in the last 3 games... We need to tackle the problems. We need to find solutions. Up KBS!

Match 4

Camp Toyoyo on Wednesday 19th December:

UsWazito vs. KBS : 1 - 0

Well done guys for giving your best against the leader Wazito today. U played well and fought with pride. Honestly u deserved better with more efficiency in the last touch. Only 1 goal seperates the 2 teams. Actually there’s not a big difference on the field between financially struggling KBS and a giant club Wazito with better facilities and well paid players. With more support, we could shine a lot. Keep the head up guys!

Match 3

Ruaraka stadium on Saturday 15th December:

Ushuru vs. KBS : 2 - 0

Another frustrating football lesson given by Ushuru yesterday. They don’t play better than us but they know how to take advantage from our easy mistakes. Final result = 2-0 down. Just a lonely point taken in 3 matches. Keep it up guys, the road is still long...

Match 2

Camp Toyoyo on Saturday 8th December:

KBS vs. Migori Youth: 1 - 1
Scorer = Oloo ( 6th min)

Well, it could have been better but let’s welcome this first point in the new NSL league in a positive way. There is a lot of work ahead, the competition is still very long...

Match 1

Camp Toyoyo live on Bamba TV on Sunday 2nd December:

Kangemi All Stars vs. KBS: 2 - 1
Scorer = Kelvin ( 61th min)

It’s always painful to lose a game on a very late questionable penalty. Our players tried their best but it was not enough today. But no worry, we saw many encouraging things. Keep it up guys, the marathon has just started...

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