Highlights Matches Season 2022.2023

3 promotions in 3 years + 4 good seasons in NSL = What a great achievement for a small community team in one of the biggest slum in Africa!
We still target our initial goal = becoming the first club in Kibera to reach the Kenyan Premiere League, the top of Kenyan Football.
All the best guys, yes we can all together!

The 2023.24 Preseason will start on Tuesday 8th August.
After the crisis that affected the end of the past season, we were able to stand up again all together. We are restructuring the club governance to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Kibera Black Stars will shine again for sure!

2022.23 season from Sunday 27th November 2022 to 8th July 2023

Kibera Black stars were still number 2 on the standings end of March 2023.

Then, important issues among the management happened. This big crisis had a very bad impact on the team results.

Position of KBS at the end of 2022.23 NSL league = number 14 (out of 19)

Club Position P W D L GF GA GD Pts
Kibera Black Stars 14 32 10 8 14 25 34 - 9 32

NSL 2022.23 - 2nd leg fixtures

Here below are the highlights of the matches before the crisis:

Match 18

KBS - SS Asaad: 2 - 0
Scorers: Njoro (25’) + Gil (52’)
Sunday 9th April 2023 in Ligi Ndogo (Nairobi)

The players entered the pitch with hunger for goals today. It is very nice to be back on the winning track with a better mindset of the players. We are back to top 3. Let’s keep on competing and not just participating. Yes we can!

Match 17

Silibwet - KBS : 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Sunday 2nd April 2023 at Bomet Stadium (1st match of the 2nd leg)

A balanced and pleasant 1st half with some good chances from both sides. Better attitude of our players today, good, but we all know what is still missing this morning again= Still no goal!
An away point is never a bad result, yes ok, but it is not so good at this time as it is our 6th match without a win and another game without scoring...
The match was rescheduled on Sunday 11pm because of the heavy downpours on Saturday afternoon.

Match 16

Kajiado - KBS : 1 - 0
Scorers: -
Sunday 26th March 2023 at Kajiado Stadium (last match of the 1st leg)

Today was a very bad day in office. Same bad start as last week with an easy goal conceded in the 1st minute. Then we pushed to equalize, not bad, but we are still very clumsy in the last 20 meters. So many wasted changes again and again! It is big time to raise our game up and change our attitude, guys. Yes we can!

Match 15

KBS - Kisumu All Stars: 1 - 1
Scorers: Njoro (10’)
Sunday 19th March 2023 in Ligi Ndogo (Nairobi)

We conceded a goal at the 1st minute on a corner then we woke up, created chances and shaked the net once. We need now to push our football up and score more goals. But there was still very poor finishing in the 2nd half. Another draw at home...

Match 14

Muranga Seals - KBS : 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Wednesday 16th March 2023 at St Sebastian Park (Muranga)

It is never easy to collect points there in St Sebastian Park so we have to welcome this away point well. But it is another draw and the 3rd consecutive winless match without scoring a single goal. So guys, we need to focus on our next home match this weekend and shake the nets as we used to do.

Match 13

KBS - MCF: 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Saturday 11th March 2023 in Ligi Ndogo (Nairobi)

After a long observation period, not so impressive, we woke up, accelerated and created some clear chances. But still nil nil at half time.
We played better in the 2nd half but sorry guys, we should stop missing easy chances like this in front of the posts. We drop important points, especially at home. Let’s learn our lessons at last and improve our finishing please.

Match 12

Darajani Gogo - KBS : 2 - 0
Scorers: -
Saturday 25th February 2023 at Camp Toyoyo (Nairobi)

Congratulations to our opponents for the win, the good show and the efficiency in front of posts. A local derby is never easy. We should show more maturity in these important events. We fought well but honestly, we have to blame ourselves cos we missed a lot of clear chances today again. We cannot get points if we do not score. Bad luck ok but poor finishing and lack of consistency are still pulling us down sometimes. No worry too much guys. This match is over. Let’s focus now on the next game and get back better.

Match 11

KBS - Migori Youth: 2 - 0
Scorers: Njoro (50’), Bolo (65’)
Saturday 18th February 2023 in Ligi Ndogo (Nairobi)

A very entertaining 1st half with 2 teams good on ball but still no goal. Let’s try to be more efficient in the 2nd half and score goals.
Good subs and better game in the 2nd half. 2 nice goals and clean sheet. Well done guys!

Match 10

Gusii FC - KBS : 1 - 0
Scorers: -
Sunday 12th February 2023 in Gusii Stadium (Kusii)

Unfortunately we conceded a goal in the 2nd half. Bad luck on a diverted free kick. We were not able to get a point in Kisii. No worry guys, focus on the next match and keep the moral up. The league is a real marathon...

Match 9

KBS - Shabana: 1 - 0
Scorers: Baron (62’)
Wednesday 8th February 2023 in Ligi Ndogo (Nairobi)

A very entertaining 1st half. We possessed the ball, we created chances, we disturbed the leader..... but still no goal. We need to be more efficient in front of the posts then we can win this game. Yes we can!
Some subs in the 2nd half brought fresh air and Baron scored a very nice goal.
Yes guys, u broke the unbeaten run of the leader Shabana and u deserve it. Very nice game. Not easy but u did it. Proud of u!

Match 8

KBS - Coastal Heroes: 4 - 1
Scorers: Juma (4’), Kalama (13’), Taiwo (53’), Njoro (61’)
Sunday 22nd January 2023 in Ligi Ndogo (Nairobi)

We started very well with 2 early goals; we controlled the game with many chances. Then a silly mistake of communication made us concede a very easy goal at the end of 1st half. We need to stay concentrate till the end cos no match is easy. You came back even more determined in 2nd half and increased the gap. Very good performances guys. Well done!

Match 7

KBS - Naivas: 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Wednesday 11th January 2023 in Ligi Ndogo (Nairobi)

We were so happy to be back in our usual home ground in Ligi Ndogo, far closer to our base in Kibera than Camp Toyoyo. Our fans came in a large number. A big thank to them!
A balanced first half with 2 good teams trying to play nice football, mostly in the midfield area. Not so many chances created.
We improved our game in the 2nd half. We created more chances. What a pity we missed 2 very good clear chances at the end of the game, one one on goal keeper. Bad luck and lack of accuracy. A bit frustrating to share points today at home again but this is football. Let’s focus on the next match.

Match 6

Mwatate Utd - KBS : 0 - 2
Scorers: Njoro (69’), Moha (92 pen.)
Friday 6th January 2022 at Wundanyi grounds, Taveta-Taita county

The match started 40 mins late bcos the pitch was not ready. This long waiting time may have broken the dynamics. Our boys played an average first half. Quite boring to be honest...
Our boys woke up and played better in the 2nd half, good substitutes brought more speed. We started the new year with 3 points, 2 goals and clean sheet. Well done guys!

Match 5

KBS - Mara Sugar: 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Monday 19th December 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Not an easy game. We are not playing our best football today against a team that can possess and knock the ball well. Hopefully, we were able to create good chances. We played better in the midfield in the second half. We created even more chances but we were not able to score. A bit frustrating but we faced a good team today so it was quite a balanced game honestly.

Match 4

Vihiga Utd - KBS : 0 - 1
Scorers: Mzee (43’)
Wednesday 14th December 2022 at Mumias Complex, Kakamega county

We managed to score a nice goal just before half time. Then, we went on playing forward and were able to hold the lead. Congratulations guys for your first away win. So proud of u!

Match 3

KBS - Mombasa Elite: 2 - 1
Scorers: Osundwa (1’), Mata (39’)
Saturday 10th December 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

After a very early goal, the game became gradually more balanced. We were leading 2 - 0 before we conceded on a penalty again just before half time. We missed many chances in the 2nd half, the score didn’t change. But the most important thing is that we won again at home. Well done guys! Keep it up!

Match 2

SS Assad - KBS : 1 - 0
Scorers: -
Sunday 4th December 2022 at Shamu grounds, Ukunda

We fought quite well but we were not able to get any point from Ukunda this season again. Not easy to play good football today on a bumpy pitch and with this extreme heat. A bit frustrating to lose on an easy penalty given by the referee to the host team. But we created very few chances today. Not enough to score goals. Back to the hard reality. NSL is not easy. We know it. Keep on fighting guys, u will improve next match, no worry.

Match 1

KBS - Silibwet: 4 - 0
Scorers: Njoro (15’, 51, 88’), Baron (86’)
Sunday 27th November 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

3 points, 4 goals and clean sheet, what a very nice way to start this new NSL league. Congratulations guys, so proud of u!
We still need to improve our finishing (a lot of missed chances today!) and be more organised in our defending work.


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