Highlights Matches Season 2021.2022

6th season of KBS in the second tier

3 promotions in 3 years + 3 good seasons in NSL = What a great achievement!
We have fixed a new goal = becoming the first club in Kibera to reach the Premiere League, the top of Kenyan Football.
All the best guys, yes we can all together!

2021.22 season from 6th November 2021 to 24th July 2022

We finished number 8 after a yoyoing season. Not as good as we wished, yes, but not so bad as we improved on our goal difference this year. But we could have done far better with consistency and a stronger winning spirit.
We also hope for brighter days in Kenyan football with a House in order. Yes, we can!

Position of KBS at the end of the 2021.22 NSL league = number 8 (out of 20)
(With 9 points canceled = 2 wins against teams that were automatically dropped in lower division + 1 win during a court case, some samples of the mess this year...)

Club Position P W D L GF GA GD Pts
Kibera Black Stars 8 36 13 10 13 50 39 + 11 49

BNSL 2021.22 - July fixtures = end of the league

Match 37

Silibwet - KBS : 2 - 2
Scorers: Chris (25’), Kasuti (44’)
Sunday 24th July 2022 at Silibwet stadium (Bomet county)

At least, we finished the league on a positive note with this away point. But, we were leading 2 - 0 at half time. Then our opponents pushed and scored. Sadly, we conceded another very late goal during injury time. So frustrating once more...

Match 36

KBS - Migori Youth: 0 - 1
Scorers: -
Sunday 17th July 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

An entertaining first half with 2 teams creating nice chances but no goal.
Not a bad 2nd half, we created more chances but again, we were not able to finish well. Then an injury time goal put us down. So sad to finish this way at home.
It is also a pity that some frustrated Kibera fans showed their anger at the end of the game. Also it looks as if some Migori guys put oil on the fire. We in KBS always condemn any type of violence.

Match 35

Vihiga Utd - KBS : 2 - 1
Scorers: Waruru (79’)
Thursday 14th July 2022 at Mumias Complex

We faced a powerful offensive offensive side, using dangerous deep balls and nice crosses. We struggled a lot in the first half but we resisted. Then We conceded 2 expected goals.
Our opponents today were better than us physically and tactically during most of the match. We woke up late and scored a nice goal but it was not enough.
As we often noticed this season, KBS is one day up one day down. This has been our biggest issue, no consistency. Sorry guys, focus now on our last match at home this season on Sunday.

Match 34

KBS - Mombasa Elite: 2 - 0
Scorers: Kapen (10’) (77’)
Saturday 10th July 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Our opponents missed a penalty then we scored a nice goal immediately after. We played well in the 1st 45 mins. We scored only 1 goal out of 7 clear chances in the 2nd half, some regrets... But 3 points, 2 goals and clean sheet is a good performance. Well done guys!

Match 33

SS Assad FC - KBS : 2 - 0
Scorers: -
Wednesday 6th July 2022 at Shamu ground (Ukunda)

A balanced and entertaining first half with good chances on both sides then things got worst. We know it is always difficult to take points in Ukunda and we witnessed it. We can regret our 3 open missed chances but the best team today won, we have to accept it... Well done Assad!

Match 32

KBS - Kisumu All Stars: 3 - 1
Scorers: Njoro (31’), Austin (38’, 40’)
Saturday 2nd July 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

We missed easy chances in the first 30 mins then we woke up with 3 nice goals.
Pole GK Barry for the injury (he had to be subsituted by Jamal)
In the 2nd half, we scored only 1 goal out of 7 clear chances, some regrets... But 3 points, 2 goals and clean sheet is a good performance. Well done guys!

Match 31

Shabana - KBS : 3 - 1
Scorers: Waruru (89’)
Sunday 26th June 2022 in Narok Stadium

We conceded a very early goal then it was a interesting 1st half. We need to be more careful on aerial balls in defence and more efficient inside the host’s eighteen. 2nd half was a nightmare. Second consecutive lose with 3 goals conceded. Even if playing 10 against 11 in most of the 2nd half is difficult, it is not a reason to go down. Sorry guys but things need to change...

Match 30

KBS - MCF: 0 - 3
Scorers: -
Wednesday 22nd June 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Very sad news. Where were we today? This very bad result put an end to our hope of promotion this season...

Match 29

Naivas - KBS: 2 - 2
Scorers: Osundwa (5’), Mayaka (44’)
Saturday 18th June 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

A very entertaining match with 2 good teams who try to possess and play the ball on the ground. Some regrets with our 3 very clear missed chances but still a good away point...

Match 28

KBS - Dandora Love: 3 - 1
Scorers: Pascal (22’), Wahuru (45’), Maija (66’)
Saturday 11 June 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

After a bad start against good and motivated opponents, we woke up. 3 points and + 2 goals. Congratulations guys. U responded well when things went a bit wrong. We appreciate!

Match 27

APS Bomet - KBS : 1 - 0
Scorers: -
Sunday 5 June 2022 in Bomet Stadium

We fought well, we disturbed the leader and created few chances today. Not bad. Then a cheap penalty was given to the host team at the end of the game. So frustrating again. Sorry guys, next time...


The match against Zoo couldn’t be played on 29th May because our opponents didn’t come, waiting for the decision from the Transition Committee


Match 26

Coastal Heroes - KBS : 0 - 2
Scorers: Kasuti (9’), Kapen (11’)
Saturday 21st May 2022 in Mbaraki Sports Club (Mombasa)

3 away points, 2 goals and clean sheet again. Congratulations guys!

Match 25

KBS - Gusii FC: 3 - 0
Scorers: Kasuti (11’), Mwas (24’), Bolo (68’)
Saturday 14 May 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Happy to be back on the winning track. 3 points, 3 goals and clean sheet. Well done guys!

Match 24

SS Assad FC - KBS : Posponed
Saturday 7th May 2022 in Shamu Primary School stadium (Ukunda)

No action today in Ukunda. The match cannot be played without referees. They have not shown up, still not happy with the Care Taker Committee...

Match 23

KBS - Muranga Seals: 1 - 2
Scorers: Onguso (5’)
Sunday 1st May 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Lesson of the day: it is when things look easy that things become hard.
Our football was not bad today but this lack of concentration caused us the lose..
Yes guys, we need to be 100% present and strong at the important moments of a match and at the important moments of the league.
Rest well and come back stronger. The battle is not lost...

Match 22

Fortune Sacco - KBS : 1 - 1
Scorers: Kapen (24’)
Wednesday 27th April 2022 in Kinyaga stadium (Kirinyaga)

A good fight and a good away point considering that we played almost the entire second half with 1 man down and some decisions were honestly questionable (1 disallowed goal + 1 penalty + 1 red card)...

Match 21

KBS - Muhoroni Youth : 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Saturday 23th April 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

After a very active first 20 minutes with many good crossings and missed chances, we were not good enough to get the 3 points today. We will fight another day. The league is still long...

Match 20

Mwatate - KBS : 0 - 2
Scorers: Njoro (43’), Bolo (92’)
Sunday 17th April 2022 in Wundanyi stadium (Taita)

The match started under heavy rains and we played water polo for more than 20 minutes. Not easy at all! We managed to score 1 goal at the end of the first half. Then the conditions went a bit better. Well done guys for this victory. Never easy to play against a team fighting hard to avoid relegation and on a flooded surface. 3 points, 2 goals and another clean sheet = super!

Match 19

KBS - SS Assad FC : 5 - 0
Scorers: Kapen (19’, 50’), Kasuti (33’, 38’), Njoro (48’)
Saturday 2nd April 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

What a very nice way to finish the 1st leg with 3 points, 5 goals and clean sheet. Well done guys, far better here!

Match 18

KBS - Mara Sugar : 1 - 1
Scorers: Osundwa (23’)
Saturday 26th March 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Once more we dropped easy points at home and we have to blame ourselves. Sorry guys. We cannot accept the same repeating scenario. Come back stronger next match.

Match 17

Zoo Kericho - KBS : 2 - 1
Scorers: Kapen (33’)
Saturday 19th March 2022 in Green Stadium de Kericho

An interesting and balanced game with both teams trying to put the ball on the ground and play good football. Our players tried their best but it was not enough today. Consistency is still our biggest problem. We really need to improve here if we aim at higher ambitions...

Match 16

KBS - APS Bomet : 3 - 1
Scorers: Kasuti (39’) + Njoro (52, 56’)
Saturday 12th March 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Proud of u guys, players and staff! We said that we would make the leader fall down today and we did it. Nice playing style and many chances created. Keep on winning guys, yes we can!

Match 15

Dandora Love - KBS : 2 - 5
Scorers: Onguso (2’), Kapen (4’), Kasuti (29’), Raidon (32’)
Sunday 6th March 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

2 early goals then what a very entertaining first half from both of the teams with 6 goals scored. The 2nd half was quieter but we fought well till the final whistle.
Congratulations guys for the very good fighting spirit today, the well deserved 3 points and the 5 goals. Bravooo!

Match 14

MCF - KBS : 1 - 1
Scorers: Njoro (63’)
Wednesday 2nd March 2022 in THIKA munipal Stadium

We were leading 1 nil then a very late “cheap” goal conceded in injury time killed our joy today again. So sad! 1 point is always better than 0, yes, especially away, but the problem is that we were not able to take maximum points at home in the last game too. So we are stucked in Midtable...

Match 13

KBS - Naivas : 1 - 1
Scorers: Njoro (53’)
Saturday 26th February 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

We managed to get only 1 point at home against strong opponents. We had a lot of clear actions today again but the net didn’t shake enough.

Match 12

Kisumu All Stars - KBS : 1 - 1
Scorers: Njoro (52’ pen.)
Sunday 13th February 2022 in Moi Stadium, Kisumu

Average first half played by our team with very few chances created. We need to be sharper and give more challenges to the home keeper. Better 2nd half and 1 point taken away. Not bad considering the number of good chances of our opponents today...

Match 11

KBS - Shabana : 3 - 2
Scorers: Rocky (20’, 35’) + Osundwa (37’)
Wednesday 9th February 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Very good first 45 minutes with 3 goals scored and a far better finishing at last!
But, even after leading 3 - 0, a match is never easy against good opponents. With 3 points and 3 goals, it is far better today. Keep the moral up guys, yes!

Match 10

KBS - Silibwet : 0 - 1
Scorers: -
Saturday 5th February 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Many missed chances for us and one easy penalty as a gift for them in the first 45 mins, so frustrating! Then we were not able to convert more clear chances till the final whistle. No goal, no point... Not happy at all!

Match 9

Mombasa Elite - KBS : 1 - 0
Scorers: -
Wednesday 26th January 2022 in Mbaraki Club, Mombasa

We were one nil down at half time. We tried to fight back but we were not able to shake the nets today. We even missed a penalty. Our poor away run is still on. So sad. But tomorrow is another day...

Match 8

KBS - Vihiga Utd : 1 - 0
Scorers: Pele (20’)
Saturday 22th January 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

We played well in the first half, leading 1 nil. Then we relaxed a bit in 2nd half but we managed to secure the 3 points, which was the most important today. Congratulations guys!

Match 7

Gusii FC - KBS : 2 - 1
Scorers: Diara (75’ pen.)
Saturday 15th January 2022 in Green Stadium, Awendo (Migori county)

Bad day for us and well done to our opponents who were mentally strong to get the 3 points. After an average 1st half, we fought well in the next 45 mnutes with 1 man down (red card) but it was not enough. Consistency is still a big problem for us...

Match 6

KBS - Fortune Saco : 3 - 0
Scorers: Pele (20’), Osundwa (28’), Kapen (79’)
Saturday 9th January 2022 in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Very nice way to start a new year with 3 points, 3 wonderful goals and a beautiful football. Very proud of u guys!

Match 5

Murang’a Seals - KBS : 1 - 0
Scorers: -
Sunday 19th December in St Sebastian Park (near Murang’a town)

A good match played by both teams on a perfect grass pitch but our hosts were able to score 1 goal. We didn’t, despite many chances. We have to accept the lose against good opponents who had a more composed midfield. Then we need to fight more to get points at home. It is a must!

Match 4

KBS - Mwatate Utd : 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Wednesday 15th December in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

An average game. Possessing the ball is not enough in football. Creating good chances and scoring are more important. This is the same lesson at home we need to learn. Keep the morale up and come back stronger. Yes, we can!

Match 3

Muhoroni Youth - KBS : 1 - 2
Scorers: Kapen (5’), Mayaka (73’)
Saturday 11th December in Muhoroni town (near Kisumu)

2nd consecutive away win. Never easy, very good achievement, so proud of u once again guys ! A very early goal after a very good move then a very rare goal from our tall defender Mayaka was the only thnigs we needed to get the 3 points. The only weak point is that we went to sleep for about 40 mins after scoring then only woke up after the equalizing goal...

Match 2

Migori Youth - KBS : 1 - 2
Scorers: Juma (25’)
Sunday 5th December in Migori town

Congratulations guys for the away win. Proud of u! Yes we can, for sure! We all know that it is never easy to get points in Western Kenya. We scored then we were able to defend well.

Match 1

KBS - Coastal Heroes : 0 - 1
Scorers: -
Sunday 7th November in Hope Centre soccer Grounds (Kawangware, Nairobi)

Very bad start of the season. Not bcos we played badly but we were not able to score, once more today. This bad finishing has been a big weak point in KBS for long. This has to change. In football, when you miss a lot of chances, you are often punished by the only single chance of your opponents. It happened today again. Guys, learn this lesson and come back stronger... Keep the moral up, it is part of the game.

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