A busy school break for our Slum Soka kids - April 2022

The Slum Soka kids were very busy during the school break. Many activities were organised in our centre of training and education, at Kibera.

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During the school break (March - April), many activities have taken place in our centre of training and education at Kibera.

Our Slum Soka kids have partenaire Uweza Fondation have been introduced to Art classes. Daddy ,our KBS player and new manager of the centre, has enjoyed the sessions too !

More dance classes had been run thanks to our partner Cheza Cheza dance.
Then kids have celebrated the end of the break with a battle of dance.

Lucie, our yoga and retail sales worker (Live Great Agri Life LTD) have trained 7 Slum Soka (4 boys, 3 girls) to use the computer to create their first professional website (marketing, sellings).

From Monday to Friday, Caren, our young dance teacher, has helped our Slum Soka kids to do their homeworks. It was a nice time to read some books too.

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