The crisis is still on, our actions are still continuing !

Our partners, our volunteers in the slum and our fans are still continuing to help us in these trying times.

The crisis is still on.
In the slum, times are becoming harder and harder for our kids and our players. Restricted movements, gatherings in market not allowed, no job... mean very little thing to put in the plates at home.

Fortunately, thanks to our partners, our fans and our members (local initiatives “Kibra for Kibra”) have been enabled to do new actions again for our young players of Slum Soka and for the players of Kibera Black Stars.

- On 28th of Mai 2020, 150 bags have been shared among them thanks to Shamas Rugby and their partners I&M Bank and GA Insurance.

Our volunteers in the slum are the main actors of all our actions = “Kibra for Kibra !”.

- On the 11th of June, we helped again our members thanks to all our donors with a special thank to Serviant family : Valérie, Philippine, Loris, William, Cyprien and Luc !

* money transfers to help 28 players and 5 staff of Kibera Black Stars to tackle some of their big challenges (rent, food, ...). Thank to Magara the KBS treasurer who granted a financial contribution on behalf of the club KBS = “Kibra for Kibra !”.

* food vouchers to 20 girls, 20 boys and 4 handicaped kids of Slum Soka. Good meal and beautiful smiles again !

A very big thank to all our donors ! Asanteni sana !
Stronger all together !

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Published online by Luc LAGOUCHE