Let’s be safer together with Allianz against COVID-19 !

An interesting project around hygiene and water supported by Allianz Insurance.

Thanks to Allianz Insurance and the movement “Kibra for Kibra”, 110 families in Kibera are now happy to enjoy a better access to water and a better hygiene at home, with masks, water cans and soaps provided by our water project funds.

We have finalized the project around the big storing tanks with some youth of the area.

In the last month of October, we were able to distribute jerrycans and liquid soaps (locally made by the group of women) to 100 homes.

Our youth coordinators are visiting the homes to refill the bottles with soap and share awareness around health.

Our group of active women are also busy to sew masks and other items in their new equiped tailor shop.

They are thanking a lot ALLIANZ for the great support.

Water is life ! Stronger together!

Published online by Luc LAGOUCHE