A football academy

The ultimate goal of all our actions in Kibera

In the long term, Black Stars FC / Slumsoka and its partners could engage in such a way that sports and education will link its stake holders together inside a sport academy in Kibera.


This new centre will motivate the youth to study and will allow progress through sports whilst being on the same premises but with an adapted school timetable.

The local education authorities would be in charge of the application of the school program and the recruitment of the teachers.

The Alliance Francaise could be in charge of the French courses.

The Kenyan Football Federation would supervise the sports activities and would provide the coaches for the centre.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs could assist with the French courses.

The French Ministry of Youth and Sports could provide equipment and qualified staff specialized in this kind of sport and study infrastructure. In this way, training of the educators of the Federation will be carried out by specialized trainers via refreshment courses.

Links with the football federations and other local and European clubs might be facilitated and, as such, can promote a breeding ground of talented players.

Improvement of the player’s skills will also be facilitated whilst the good playing conditions here in Kenya will allow them to advance in their home country before having to consider any potential for joining other clubs abroad before they are ready.

Ø Kibera Black Stars FC / Slum Soka could be attached to the centre and could enable the students to play in the different official competitions. The teams engaged in the different championships will provide a motivating element and could be an active evaluation of the sport performances of the players/students.

Initiation of a specific Franco-Kenyan cooperation within the field of education and sport may well be another opportunity worth exploring in the near future.

This big sport academy would represent the final goal of all the ambitious projects gradually put in place in Kibera and would be a great human achievement in one of the biggest slums in Africa – one that every participating member could be proud of.

Published online by Kibera Black Stars