Season 2019/20

4th year of KBS in the second tier

3 promotions in 3 years + 3 good seasons in NSL = What a great achievement!
We moved up so fast, may be too fast. We have actually reached our limits.
Now we need to make a lot of changes to put our house in better order (facilities, Board, technical staff, players, fan base...) and find more sustainable partners. Then things might go up further and the Black Stars will shine again.
Already an experimented coach and better players joined our project in August. It’s very encouraging...
All the best guys!

The new season kicked off on 1st September 2019

The last game of the first leg was on Saturday 14th December 2019.
We will resume on Saturday 12th January 2020 at 3pm in Camp Toyoyo against Muranga Seal. All the best guys for a new year of actions!

Position of KBS = number 15 (out of 20)

Club Position P W D L GF GA GD Pts
Kibera Black Stars 15 18 3 7 8 15 19 -4 16

The full standings

The second leg 2019/20 fixtures:

Match 18

Nairobi City Stars - KBS: 0 - 1
Scorer: Janeth (55’)
Saturday 14th December in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

You said that you would do it again and you did it again, well done guys! You beat the unbeaten leader, 2 wins in a row, congratulations!
Team work makes the dream work, keep it up!

Match 17

KBS - Talanta: 3 - 0
Scorer: Odunso (6’, 55’, 86’)
Saturday 7th December in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

At last! Well done guys!
You said u would do it this time, and u did it, very proud of u!
Very entertaining play and 3 Nice goals.

........ (to be filled soon)

Match 10

Coast Stima - KBS: 2 - 2
Scorer: Nino (17’) + billi (65’)
Monday 21th October in Mbaraki Sports club (Mombasa)

A good away point taken far away in Mombasa against courageous Coast Stima. We lead twice with 2 nice goals but again, lack of concentration in the very last minute made us drop more precious points. Our position in the standings is still not good cos we are not able to win at home... Keep it up guys!

Match 9

KBS - Bidco: 0 - 1
Scorer: -
Wednesday 16th October in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

After a defending approach in the 45 mins, we became far more offending in the 2nd half, creating many good chances until lack of concentration on a set piece at the very last minute killed us. So sad!

Match 8

Vihiga Utd - KBS: 2 - 0
Scorer: -
Friday 11th October in Mumias complex (Kakamega)

In other circumstances, we could have said that losing away against a former KPL team is not so bad but.... we cannot win at home as well, we don’t score and we need points, guys!

Match 7

KBS - Vihiga Bullets: 1 - 3
Scorer: Onduso (74’)
Saturday 5th October in Camp Toyoyo (Jericho, Nairobi)

Congratulations to the new comers Vihiga Bullets! Our determined opponents wanted to win more than us today and..... they won!
KBS - Vihiga Bullets : 1 - 3.
We have to digest this disappointing result and come back stronger. Yes we can!

Match 6

Shabana - KBS: 1 - 0
Scorer: -
Sunday 30th September in Gusii Stadium (Kisii)

Losing 1 nil away after playing 1 hour with only 10 players is not so bad. Now we have to work harder to take points at home and score more goals.

Match 5

Ushuru - KBS: 1 - 1
Scorer: Kevo (9’)
Monday 23th September 2019 at Ruaraka Stadium (Thika rd)

A good away point and another encouraging result.

Match 4

KBS - Administration Police: 0 - 1
Scorer: -
Wednesday 18th September 2019 at Camp Toyoyo (Nairobi)

So good to be back live on TV today but so sad that we were not able to stay on the winning path...

Match 3

St Joseph Youth - KBS: 0 - 2
Scorer: Nino (35’), Onduso (74’)
Friday 13th September 2019 at Afraha Stadium (Nakuru)

It’s so good to get our first win of the season!

Match 2

KBS - Modern Coast: 1 - 1
Scorer: Kevo (5’)
Saturday 7th September 2019 at Camp Toyoyo (Nairobi)

Not bad but not so good. We have good players but not yet a team. We will improve with time. Many chances from both sides. We could have won but we could have lost as well. So we have to accept this very first point of the new season in a positive way.
Among weak points, we need to be tougher on the ball + more organised in defense + more efficient in finishing then better results will come. Keep it up guys!

Match 1

Muranga Seals - KBS: 1 - 0
Scorer: -
Sunday 1st September 2019 at Thika Municipal Stadium

Not the start we could have hoped but we need to be a bit patient. The preseason preparation was very short and the team is still under construction. A lot of adjustments are needed and will surely be sources of thoughts among the coaches during the week. Stay focused!

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