2020 - 2021 Season

5th season of KBS in the second tier

3 promotions in 3 years + 2 good seasons in NSL = What a great achievement!
Then the past 2 seasons were quite difficult with so many challenges to face but now the team is fully back. Up KBS!
Our performances have been far better since December 2020.
We have now fixed a new goal = becoming the first club in Kibera to reach the Premiere League, the top of Kenyan Football.
All the best guys, yes we can all together!

2020.21 season from 13th December 2020 to 5th September 2021

Despite a disapointing end of the league, the team made a far better season than the past 2 years and finished number 7. Well done guys!

Position of KBS at the end of the 2020.21 NSL league = number 7 (out of 20)

Club Position P W D L GF GA GD Pts
Kibera Black Stars 7 37 14 10 13 42 46 - 4 52

The full standings

BNSL 2020.21 - fixtures of the end of the season:

Match 38

Vihiga Bullets - KBS : 2 - 0
Scorers: -
Sunday 5th September in Bukhungu Stadium (Kakamega)

Our 4th consecutive loose, what a disapointing finish! We played a very nice first half. But once more, we were not able to convert the good chances we had. Our good opponents took advantage from our mistakes in defence and scored 2 goals in 2nd half. Congratulations to the great Bullets for the direct promotion to KPL!

Match 37

KBS - Migori Youth : 0 - 1
Scorers: -
Sunday 29th August in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

Our 3rd consecutive loose, at home this time, very shameful! Our players possessed the ball most of the time, made good moves but couldn’t score once again because of a lack of efficiency in front of the goal posts. Our opponents just got 1 chance and they converted it easily = a scenario too often seen this season. Enough is enough!

Match 36

Mount Kenya (Dandora) - KBS: 2 - 1
Scorers: Onduso (74’ pen)
Monday 23th August in Camp Toyoyo (Nairobi)

The early injury of our central defender desorganised our defence leading to these 2 easy goals conceded in the 1st half, ok, but it was not an excuse for not scoring more than 1 goal after all the numerous chances we got. We have to blame ourselves and clap for our young opponents’ performances.

Match 35

Kisumu all Stars - KBS FC : 2 - 1
Scorers: Koko (9’)
Friday 20th August in Moi Stadium (Kisumu)

We didn’t play a bad game but our good opponents scored 1 more goal and they won. This is football. Congratulations to the host team. We still had some tactical weak points, problems with our disorganised defence and our poor finishing...

Match 34

KBS - Fortune Sacco : 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Tuesday 17th August in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

Another good play against the number 2 on the table but once more, because of our poor finishing, we were not able to score so no win again today...

Match 33

Silibwet - KBS FC : 1 - 1
Scorers: Osundwa (60’)
Saturday 14th August in Bomet Stadium

A good away point after a very entertaining game played by both sides. We played a nice attacking football. Let’s keep positive.

Match 32

KBS - AP Bomet : 1 - 0
Scorers: Koko (30’)
Sunday 9th August in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

It is so good to come back on the winning track after a very nice attacking football this time. Now, we need to stay on this track because consistency has been one of our weak points. We also need to take points away...

Match 31

Gusii - KBS FC : 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Tuesday 3rd August in Green Stadium Awendo (Migori county)

We could have won but also we could have lost this game as each team get their own 45 minutes with clear chances from both sides. We should now adopt a different approach = more attacking football home and away to get more points...

Match 30

KBS - Mwatate : 1 - 2
Scorers: Dan (51’)
Friday 30th July in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

A very bad day in office with a penalty missed, many chances lost and a bad injury of our striker Rona. Only 2 chances for our opponents and 2 easy goals conceded. We have to blame ourselves. So disapointing! Lack of consistency is realling killing us....

Match 29

KBS - Police FC : 1 - 0
Scorers: Diara (84’ pen)
Sunday 25th July in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

A very entertaining game this time. Not an easy task again but our boys reacted well with a good fighting spirit and managed to get 3 deserved points. Well done!

Match 28

Modern Coast - KBS: 4 - 1
Scorers: Ivan (75’)
Monday 19th July in Serani Grounds (Mombasa)

A very bad day in office and 4 goals conceded, only few chances for us and a careless defence. We really need to react guys!

Match 27

KBS - MCF : 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Wednesday 14th July in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

A very disapointing goaless draw at home with a lot of chances but poor finishing. So sad!

Match 26

Muringa Seals - KBS: 2 - 2
Scorers: Koko (49’), Mayaka (73’)
Sunday 4th June in St Sebastian Park (Muringa)

We came back twice in this very entertaining game and managed to collect a good away point. The battle is hard, the marathon is long. Be strong guys!

Match 25

KBS - Coast Stima : 2 - 1
Scorers: Cero (6’), Dan (89’)
Sunday 27th June in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

Nothing is easy and the most difficult matches are often played against the bottom teams. We suffered a lot but we won with a very late goal. Once again, the most important thing was to get the 3 points.

Match 24

KBS - Shabana : 2 - 1
Scorers: Osundwa (20’), Dan (30’)
Sunday 20th June in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

We played a very good first half leading 2 nil. Then we went down a bit after one red card. But the most important thing was to get the 3 points.

Match 23

Nairobi Stima - KBS: 2 - 3
Scorers: Rona (35’), Dan (51’), Osundwa (53’)
Wednesday 16th June in Camp Toyoyo (off Jogoo road)

We came back twice immediately after being one goal down and managed to win this very entertaining game. Good fighting spirit here. Well done guys!

Match 22


KBS - Kisumu Hot Stars : 1 - 1
Scorers: Rona (42’)
Friday 11th June in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

What a pity! 2 easy points dropped at home.... It is not easy for us to beat bottom teams, we really need to adjust here to avoid future disapointments...

Match 21

Talanta - KBS: 1 - 0
Scorers: -
Sunday 6th June in Ruaraka stadium (along Thika road)

The leader won but our players gave them a difficult time... Not a very bad result away but our goal difference is still not good...

Match 20

KBS - Soy Utd : 2 - 1
Scorers: Osundwa (46’), Rona (52’)
Wednesday 2nd June in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

We knew that it was never easy to meet the bottom team and we faced it the hard way = we were 1 goal down at the end of the 1st half. But we were able to bounce back with 2 quick goals after the break. Well done guys!

Match 19

Shabana - KBS: 1 - 0
Scorers: -
Friday 28th May in Migori stadium

No point, no goal... We always face difficult challenges far away in Western Kenya. Also our goal difference is not so good. We need to improve a lot in scoring...

Match 18

KBS - Kisumu All Stars : 1 - 0
Scorers: Dundi (59’)
Saturday 22nd May in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

Not easy to play well after 2 month without a league match but we managed to get 3 points and a clean sheet, this is good. Well done guys!

Match 17

MCF - KBS: 4 - 0
Scorers: -
Monday 22nd March in Ruaraka stadium (off Thika rd, Nairobi)

A very bad day as it happens sometimes in football to remind players that there is still a long road to go and every game is difficult. Keep your head up guys, tomorrow is another day.

Match 16

KBS - Modern Coast : 2 - 0
Scorers: Mwas (9’), Diara (84’)
Wednesday 17th March in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

2 goals + clean sheet then 6 consecutive games without losing now : so proud of u guys!

Match 15

Police - KBS: 0 - 0
Scorers: -
Saturday 13th March in Camp Toyoyo (Nairobi)

Good fight against the leader. Good game. Good away point. Well done guys!

Match 14

KBS - Silibwet : 3 - 2
Scorers: Billy (32’), Diara (87’), Janeez (90’)
Sunday 7th March in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

Congratulations guys for the 3rd win in a row. Keep shining !

Match 13

Mwatate Utd - KBS: 0 - 2
Scorers: Austine (37’), Mwas (51’)
Wednesday 3rd March in Wundanyi stadium

First away win, first clean sheet, so proud of u guys!

Match 12

KBS - Gusii FC: 2 - 1
Scorers: Sero (36’), Diara (pen 87’)
Friday 26th February in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

Good to be back on the winning track but the 2nd half was not easy... Anyway, well done for the 3 points guys, it was what we wanted.
However, some changes need to be done to improve the performances.

Match 11

AP Bomet - KBS: 2 - 2
Scorers: Rona (50’), Janeez (20’)
Sunday 21st February in Bomet Stadium

We lead 2-0 in 2nd half then... Even if there was a clear handball on the equalizing goal, it is a pity that we are not yet able to secure a win after 2 goals up. It is not the first time. Anyway, we got 1 away point. Not bad guys! But after 4 games without a win, we are going down in the standings. We really need to react!

Match 10

Kisumu Hotstars - KBS: 2 - 1
Scorers: Sero (23’)
Saturday 13rd February in Moi Stadium (Kisumu)

We created a lot of chances in the 1st half but we are still careless in defence. 3rd lose in a row. Things are not going well, guys!

Match 9

KBS - Nairobi Stima: 0 - 1
Scorers: -
Saturday 6th February in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

It is not acceptable to lose today with so many chances while our opponents got only one and scored one!

Match 8

Soy Utd - KBS: 2 - 0
Scorers: -
Saturday 30th January in Bukhungu Stadium (Kakamega)

What a bad day! Many missed chances in the 1st half then no goal, no point against new comers in NSL who fought more than us for the win today. This is a strong wake-up signal. We need to be more consistent guys...

Match 7

KBS - Talanta: 2 - 1
Scorers: Rona (7’) (26’)
Monday 25th January in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

A very nice fight against the leader. We were leading 2-0 after 30 mins but we went a bit down in the 2nd half and conceded another late goal that prevented us from getting a clean sheet. Anyway, our strong opponents finished on their knees.
Well done guys, proud of you!

Match 6

Migori Youth - KBS: 2 - 1
Scorers: Osundwa (35’)
Wednesday 20th January in Migori Stadium

Another goal conceded very late, this time on penalty at 92th min, prevented us from getting an away point. So frustrating!

Match 5

KBS - Vihiga Bullets: 2 - 1
Scorers: Usundwa (56’), Diara (51’)
Friday 15th January in Ligi Ndogo (along Ngong road, Nairobi)

Another very late goal conceded in injury time prevented us from enjoying a clean sheet today but we welcome the 3 points with great pleasure. Still a lot of technical mistakes (average pass accuracy) but we are moving forward...

Match 4

Fortune Sacco - KBS: 2 - 2
Scorers: Rona (27’), Ninoh (73’)
Sunday 10th January in Kinyaga Sports Ground (Kirinyaga county)

We took another away point. Which is good. But we need to improve our ball possession and avoid lack of concentration in defence, especially at the very end of the game, to get more points...

Match 3

KBS - Mount Kenya: 2 - 1
Scorer: Rona (54’ and 76’)
Wednesday 23rd December in Ligi Ndogo (Nairobi)

Congratulations guys for the 1st win of the season. It was not easy from 1 goal down with 1 man down. Good fighting spirit, proud of u!

Match 2

Coast Stima - KBS: 1 - 1
Scorer: Rona (46’)
Saturday 19th December in Mbaraki Sports Ground (Mombasa)

Our players tried a lot, not easy under this strong heat. We got a good away point.

Match 1

KBS - Mount Kenya: 1 - 1
Scorer: Osundwa (55’)
Sunday 13th December in Ligi Ndogo (Nairobi)

After a good first half with many chances but only 1 goal, we went down in the 2nd half and our opponents managed to equalize on the only single action they got. We wanted 3 points, we got only 1, we have to accept it and try to get those 2 lost points in our next games. Yes, we can!

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