Slum Soka and French School together to think about the City of Tomorrow !

Let’s shine together!

Slum Soka kids welcomed in Kibera their friends from French school Nairobi. What great moments!

Slum Soka kids welcomed their friends from French school in Kibera on Friday 7th February : the students of CM1A (M. Luc Lagouche) and of CE1/CE2 (Mme Sandrne Morhain).

They have been working on their projet about the Sustainable Development “Transform a mountain of garbage with a magic wand to imagine a better place to live”.

Sport and art activities were organised on this afternoon, spotted about the City of Tomorrow.
Team work makes the dream work !

Pamoja Tunaweza ! Together, we can !
What great moments !

Let’s win together ! Let’s shine together !

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