Here are the future stars of Kibera

Our youth teams follow the good path of the KBS

5 teams from U10 to U17, boys and girls.

They take part in football local competitions.

Also, many activities are organised outside the field around culture and education

The football trainings take place in the evenings after school. Some matchs are organised at weekends

U10 and U13 boys are the teams in action for now.

But many other activities are organised in Kibera with the Slum Soka.

On Saturdays, Kids enjoy games around mathematics.

They can also enjoy workshops with local artists.

Some prepare various dance shows.

After the efforts, all the children gather in a small restaurant to enjoy food and love. A mind can be fed only if the belly is full too.

We also welcome handicapped people. No discrimination. We are ONE!

Slum Soka kids often go to the French school to do sports and other lessons.

Let’s win together! Let’s shine together!!!

Published online by Kibera Black Stars